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Our Handy Cup Towels

Cup Towels $13 $13.00

Cup in Cup Towel Cup on Cup Towel Four Cuptowels Ivory Cuptowel Stack Colored Cuptowel Stack


Meet our best seller! These cuptowels are made to coordinate with our exquisite hand towels, only about 1/3 of the size. They are made with 100% cotton yarn. Very soft and absorbant. Just a handfull and perfect for drying dishes.

Although they resemble a washcloth, they are not well suited for that purpose, as the stiches tend to open up and lose shape when wet. A quick spin in the dryer restores them to their original shape, once again ready for drying dishes.

They are 9 1/2 wide by 9 1/2 high and they take one hour to crochet. They would ideally be laundered in a delicates bag and laid flat to dry. Available in a solid or striped pattern in a variety of color combinations.

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