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Our Uchiwa Motif Scarf

Uchiwa Scarves $75 $75.00

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An uchiwa (pronounced oo-chee`-wa) is a Japanese fan that does not fold. This scarf is crocheted predominatly with what is known as a 'fan stitch'. Thus, we named our Uchiwa Motif Scarf. It is a Carols Custom Crochet original; light, airy and elegant. It is made with a repeating pattern of single, half-double, double and treble crochet stitches. The surface of this scarf rises and falls with the completion of each motif, creating a lacey effect.

Our uchiwa motif scarf is 7 feet long, 9 inches wide and takes 6½ hours to crochet. It has a double border which adds strength and durability. We chose acrylic yarn for this scarf because it is warm and repels water. It is designed to stay in place while resting on your shoulders!

Our uchiwa motif scarf has a beautiful, classic look. It provides warmth and charm. It is truly unique and exudes quality.

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